mmm... 2day is our class farewell party... all 5SC5 student gather at the school mainly to return their textbooks.. i was helping my SPBT teacher to check the textbooks when my geng come to school although 1 of my geng member is currently at parade at that time.. fong is soo kind to help me to arrange the textbooks in the SPBT room although he is not a SPBT member( thx CHE HOE).. the at sharp 11am we depart from our school to go to parade coz to pick up my member(Nicholes Chen) and fong wanna buy chem book (fong is geng in chem..).. then we head to SECRET RECIPE to buy a cake for our farewell party.. we only have RM50 which is class fund in hand when the cake cost RM73.50.. we ended up using our money to pay for the cake... haiz.. later we went to SIMPANG TIGA cozb that is our party place..

Pn.Hamesah , Pn.Roslinda with her two cute daughter and Pn.Komathi and another teacher show up at 12.40pm.. we take our lunch at there and talking with our teacher..

Then we cut the cake and share it among ourself... Finally we take some pictures with teachers as memories.... Later on I , Foong Toh jun and Nick went to EDU FAIR at Tower Agency Hotel... At 4.30 i went home leaving my fren at the hotel... hehe.. that all and the day was really FUN!!!!!!!!!!!

ERM... I dunno where to start... Today is the last day for all the form 5 students in their school.. some feel VERY happy while others feel sad... well cant blame them oso.. for myself.. I Feel very sad... lots of memories i have in my skul.. Got to know new frenz.. new Teachers.. haiz.. im really gonna miss all this.. now i have to let go of all the things that i have in my skul... Well looks like life need to go on.......